Are You Ready To Excel with PSI?

space Welcome to PSI - Perfect to the Square Inch. PSI is a family owned company with over 30 years in the home building business. Our goal is to create the best home building experience for the buyer resulting in value and trust. Just like most home builders we started out one nail at a time. We understand that a home is one of the largest investments you will make in your lifetime and each nail counts. We want your new home to be the perfect place to raise your family and at the same time, a quality investment that will continue to build in value.

"We are going with the times and changing to modular construction. We want you and your friends to enjoy the best home possible. With a modular home you will be getting a home built out of the weather, no water damage to sub flooring or framing that can cause mold buildup. They have less waste in the construction phase, giving you a better home at a lower cost than the stick building process. All of the water and electrical lines running throughout the home are protected with steel plates over areas that they are run. Extra braces are placed through the structure so it can withstand the highways of the U.S.